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Online Classes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and nursing students are no exception.Online nursing classes have become a convenient way for individuals to pursue a career in the nursing field. With the flexibility they offer, online nursing classes are a great option for many students, especially those who are working or have other responsibilities that make it difficult to attend traditional in-person classes. Online nursing classes typically consist of a combination of self-paced coursework and interactive elements, such as live discussions, online lectures, and virtual simulations such as Tina Jone's Shadow health in Advanced Health Assessment class, a very essential course across all nursing schools. These interactive elements allow students to engage with their classmates and instructors in real-time, providing a more collaborative and personalized learning experience. The curriculum for online nursing classes is often the same as that of traditional, in-person classes, covering topics such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and patient care. However, the format of the classes may differ, with online classes relying more heavily on written assignments, readings, and online quizzes as opposed to traditional in-person lectures.

Where Crescent Medical Writers Comes In...

Taking online classes is accompanied with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges that nursing students face when taking online classes is time management. Because online classes are often self-paced, it can be easy to fall behind if you're not careful. This is especially true if you're also working or have other responsibilities that take up a lot of your time. We at Crescent Writers ensure that your assignment is submitted punctually thereby reducing the stress that comes with lateness in online classes.

Weekly Discussions and peer responses. 

Online nursing classes often include interactive elements such as live discussions to provide students with a more collaborative and personalized learning experience. These live discussions can take place in a variety of formats, mainly as online forums. At Crescent Medical Writers have a policy in place which ensures that the discussion is posted by Monday night should it be needed on Wednesday; atleast two days before the deadline. The preceeding responses to peers are similarly submitted by Friday as well as the response to the prof's concern.

Weekly Assignments

In most online classes, Weekly assignments in form of essays accompany the discussions. Their submission dates vary with the module but are geerally expected by day 7 of the week. At Crescent Medical Writers, we take the responsibility of ensuring that your assignments are submitted punctually, two days before the purpotted deadline.Our team of highly trained medical writers submit highly quality papers of impeccable grammar with zero plagiarism.

Group Projects

In online nursing classes, group projects are typically done through a combination of virtual communication and collaboration tools, such as email, discussion boards, and video conferencing software. Students may also decide to communicate through informal means such as Whatsapp groups and zoom. The specific process and guidelines for group projects may vary depending on the class and instructor, but generally students will be required to work together to complete a project or assignment that relates to the course material. The group project may be graded as a whole or individually. In Crescent Medical and Nursing Writers, we take it as our responsibility to ensure that our clients part of the project gets to be the first to be submitted. We also ensure that our client takes a centre stage in collaboration between group members. 

Powerpoint Presentations and Recordings

It is not uncommon to find some assignments to be submitted as Powerpoint presentation with Kaltura Recording or scripts to which the client need to read and record in nursing online classes. In Crescent Medical and Nursing Writers, we ensure that our clients work is simplified by getting their high quality scripts as well as powepoints in time. 


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