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GCU MSN: LDR 615: WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT: Contemporary Organization Evaluation

GCU MSN: LDR 615: WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT: Contemporary Organization Evaluation

In today's fast-paced and global community, most organizations are faced with constant change. Research contemporary organizations that are currently responding to a significant change within the industry, such as disruptive technology; state, government, or industry regulations; environmental constraints; judicial or legislative rulings; etc.

Choose one organization from your research that has recently responded to major change, or is currently responding to change. Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) discussing how well the organization is responding to the change dynamics. Include the following:

Describe the organization and the change to which it is responding.
Discuss the degree to which the change has been disruptive and how the organization has responded to the dynamics created by this change.
Evaluate the strategies the organization used in its change plan and determine the level of success the organization experienced with the strategies.
Determine the effect the change had on stakeholders, and to what degree stakeholders have resisted. Assess how well stakeholder resistance was addressed.
Evaluate the overall implications the change had on interdepartmental collaboration.
In your opinion, how well did the leaders of the organization respond and prepare for the change? What worked and what did not work with the strategies they implemented?
What modifications would you suggest the leaders of the organization make in order to better address the change dynamics? What additional strategies would you recommend to assist the organization through this change?
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required…

Contemporary Organization Evaluation

The changing business environment spurred by technological advancements has prompted the implementation of changes in contemporary organizations in the United States. Change initiatives are leveraged to address challenges impacting the organization, clients, and other stakeholders. However, it should be noted that change is a complex process, and organizational leadership must adopt effective strategies to ensure success. This is because most organizational change initiatives have an estimated failure rate of 60 to 70 percent (Errida & Lotfi, 2021). Despite the high failure rate, contemporary organizations continue implementing changes to adapt their operations and business models to emerging trends. This paper evaluates Netflix’s introduction of household accounts as a change initiative to curb password sharing..

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