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Collaboration and Leadership Reflection Video SCRIPT

Based on your experience, explain how systems thinking helps leaders to build strong interprofessional and organizational relationships. Discuss some system thinking tools nursing leaders can apply to increase interprofessional collaboration to benefit patient outcomes or organizational initiatives. Make sure to incorporate the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) competencies in your response.

Collaboration and Leadership Reflection Video

Interprofessional collaboration can be simply defined as the collective involvement of a
variety of healthcare professionals working with patients, families, communities, and caregivers
to promote the process of care delivery for a positive outcome (Manias, 2018). As leaders,
registered nurses must invest as interprofessional collaborative partners in promoting outcomes
of the values of the clients, families, and communities in which they provide care services.
Reflecting on my first job as a registered nurse in a primary care setting, I always worked closely
with the physician, giving reports every morning for treatment adjustments to be made. At one
point I encountered an elderly patient who was prescribed amoxicillin clavulanic acid for the
management of her upper respiratory tract infection. The patient however claimed to have
forgotten to mention to the physician about her penicillin allergy. As such, I was obliged to
approach the physician regarding the case, which also led to the involvement of the pharmacist in
deciding on the best alternative medication for the patient….

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